JIS Summary

· IS is a abbreviation of (Japanese Industrial Standard) and it is Japan's national standards enacted according to Japanese Industrial Standardization Act.
· JIS standard's deliberation such as enactment and revision is performed in Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. (
Secretariat is performed in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Environmental Bureau of Industry and Technology.
· Accordance with the revision of the Industrial Standardization Act 1 October 2005, New JIS Necessity of JIS certification system is being implemented.

1. Acquisition for exporting to Japan: To export to Japan, most of the products are required to gain the JIS certification, sometimes Japanese companies even require to get JIS for the foreign products which Japanese products are not needed to get JIS.
2. When areas where national standards are poor, JIS becomes the trading standard. A lot of countries which has poor national standards like Japan and Southeast Asia uses JIS standard it self and in this case regardless to exporting to Japan, they need JIS certification in their own country. Also, there are a lot of cases from constructions and bidding that has Japanese funds, requiring JIS. New kinds of JIS Certification mark

  • For mining products For manufacturing products For particular products
    The most general certification mark for mining products. A certification mark for plating, painting, heat treatment processing technology A certification mark for elderly, disabled, environmental care, etc
Kinds of certification

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    (1)Manufacturer certification It is the most general certification for manufacturing plants and for the same plants, you only need one certification test. For posterior judgement (after 3 years) you can mark certification mark on the product
    (2) Lot Unit Certification It is limited to a certain quantity (ex : 1000piece , 1000L etc ) This certification is for one- time export.
Summary of JIS certification

1. JIS Standards (Now August,1,2013)
  • Sort The total number of JIS standards The total number of JIS certification target standards The total number of certification targets which can be certificated in korea
    Number of Standards About 24,000 kinds About 2,100 kinds About 700 kinds
    cf - Adjusted every two months Planning to add items per year
2. Certification center
There are 25 Certification center now (2013.08.01) two in korea, one in Australia and rest in Japan.
Those centers don't treat every kinds of products. Each center has their capable screening items (Standard No.)
Australia's institute only has some kinds of certification code so it is nominal and there are 700 kinds of certification available in Korea. In Korea, there are two ways to certificate the products.
First is to enroll the products and certificate the products which were not availible to certificate. Second is to certificate by the Japanese institute.
3. Audited Operating performance
Last 6 months operating performance
4. Time and Cost for certification.
Time and cost depends on
Which country (Japan? Korea?) are they going to get certification from.
(Japanese institution comparing to Korean institution, the testing expenses and consulting expenses are about 3times higher/ Need 3 times more budget)
When you are getting from Korean institute, is it the product which cad be certificated? or does it need additional steps to certificate?
(Products that can't be certificated needs extra time for adding the code but when you use Japanese institute, you need longer time for preparing the certification so when you sum up the time the time taken is similar in Korea and Japan.
What is your level of quality control/ etc makes the difference so after identification of the JIS standard number you need extra consulting.
IQC Manager (JIS Quality manager)

1. Qualifications for IQC Manager
Live supporting
  • Qualification for education Qualification for career
    Person who completed at least two credits in College of Natural Sciences and the associated quality control subjects (statistics, quality control, design of experiments, management engineering, production management) or IQC director who trained training course. 1) Regular college graduates: Person who experienced more than 2 years of quality management practices (At least one year of experience should be the application product)
    2) Elementary graduates : Needs quality controling experience for more than 4years (At least one year of experience should be the application product)
* Focus for the oversea factory: IQC Manager's education (For 60hours) is held only in Japan and Korea. For Japan, the education proceeds for 15~20 hours for 3~4 times. For Japan, education proceeds for 7days (for first week Mon~Fri/ For second week Mon~ Tue) Normally there are education on march
and October
2. IQC Manager's task
1) Planning and promotion for in-house standardization and quality control
2) General management with established in-house standards, amendment, revocation and management.
3) Quality level evaluation for mining certified product
4) Guidance and supervision for conducting internal standardization and quality control
5) Guidance and advice for the problems shown in the process how to deal it and solve it.
6) Education and training about the education (quality control standardization) for the members of the organization
7) Guidance and advice on procurement
8) Certification of products that target conformity with JIS approved
9) Approval to release the certificated product
* Focus for the Overseas plants : They should be the medium of communication for after wards management and research on the actual condition so someone who speaks Korean for the Korean certification center and Japanese For the Japanese certification center is preferred.
Preparing for consulting call

1. Identify a number of standard
Is this product which can be certificated? Which certification center can this product be tested? Afterwards we can set budget and schedule (The sum of the budget for Korean certification center is 40 percent of the Japanese certification center and when you don't know the standard number, you can check up from the client company which requires the certification)
2. Location and size of the company
Basic documents such as Location of the company and the period they have produced their item.
3. In the case of overseas factories, whether they have Korean (or Japanese) speakers.
They need a translater if they don't have a Korean(if Korean certification center) Japanese speaker(if Japanese certification center)
Strength of Management Resources Institute's JIS consulting.

1. Wide experience of JIS consulting.
- We have done about 50 times of projects in Korea
- 10 projects of factories abroad (China, Vietnam)
- We have done auditing with various kinds of institutes such as Korea certification center, Japan certification center
2. Our JIS certificate pass rate was highest (for one go)
- For the last 8years our first time pass rate was the highest (pass rate96%)
- By auditing documents with agency (when customer wants) we help you to pass at one go
- Support site audit visit (when customer wants) to communicate which helps you increase pass rate.
3. Shortening the lead- time and Lowering the lead- budget
- Minimize the failure expenses by passing at once
- Shorten the schedule by live supporting the enactment and amendment of the judging criteria.
- Minimize the Loss-Time by our experiences of JIS
- Management Resources Institute's own consulting Know How

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