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Welcome for visiting Management Resources Institute company web site.

We have been pursuing “One-Stop Service” for 20 years as our goal is effective management.
We provide company’production technology, improve management, certification eliminating process.

Since 1994, we have been expanding various consulting models and business areas. In 1998 we first started first consulting with Chinese company and we have spread out to Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, etc. We have accumulated experiences through Korea, China, Japan.

Now Asia, is getting a leading role in world market. Based on our accumulated experience and international certificated management consultant (ICMCI-CMC), Korean government certificated technology management consultant, ISO/JS/KS etc , inner and outer experts and infra, we hope to be Asian market’s leading Consultant. Asian market is the market which is more likely to use the Korean growth model, Korean consulting method and with their previous consulting experience and leading network job will be their basic.

Especially we are putting an effort on removing trade barrier and encouraging the trade activation by supporting the certification of Korea, China, Japan and Southeast Asia In our institute, we look forward to provide new information about national location, various services and globalization. So we hope you to keep interest on us and send a encouragement for us. Thank you.

Sincerely yours. Ltd. Management Resources Institute. All the members of the staff


2014 03 · Consulting Mentor School introduced
2013 08 · NurturedParticipating in Industrial Revolution 3.0
  10 · 4 JIS certification auditors
2012 03 · Started lecture to nurture JIS quality manager process Small and medium business
administration, Registered as an organ which Supports consulting project about Small and Medium business
2011 01 · ICMCI-CMC Participated Jing Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture demonstration project Longing team leader
2010 11 · Opening lectures Which are Mentoring of On the Job Training for Certified Management Consultant
2009 07 · Found Gyeonggi branch (Located in Suwon)
  03 · Small and Medium Business Administration, Registered as Small and Medium Business consulting firm
2008 03 · Internationally Certified Management Consultant [ICMCI-CMC] (Produced 4 people)
2007 09 · Started APEC-CBC making process lecture
2006 06 · Found Gyeongnam branch [Gyeongnam, Transmigrate Integrated Chang won city ,
Young nam branch]
2004 03 · Found Chinese branch [Weihai city Shandong]
2003 12 · Registered as consulting institute for supporting certification with Gyeongnam’s
international standard
2002 11 · Relocated the head office [Samseong dong, Seoul / Now located]
  01 · Korean quality management consulting[KQMC] Merged
2000 07 · KS certification Auditors nurtured
  02 · Small and medium sized business administration international standard certification supporting
consulting center registered.
1999 11 · conversion to a corporationLtd. Management Resources Institute]
  09 · Found Young nam branch [Busan City]
  03 · Moved and expanded [Location: Dogok dong Seoul]
1994 05 · Found Korean Quality management institute [Location: Gaepo dong Seoul]

Organization Chart

Location of the Head office in Seoul Korea.

Line 2,Exit 10Seolleung
Go straight for 300m→Turn leftat the pharmacy Illshin→ Get in to Teheran road 50m → Samseong condominium (8th floor) room no. 504 Details about the building (First floor : Flower shop, Hair shop( Blue CLUB)

Address : Teheran-road, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Samseong-dong, 69 street 14, 504
(Samseong-dong, Samseong condominium
TEL : +82-2-555-9812 F AX: +82-2-555-9819